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Barriers and facilitators of mobility and social participation among ageing mobility assistive device users / Obstacles et facilitateurs de mobilité, et participation sociale entre utilisateurs vieillissants d’équipements d’aide à la mobilité
Friday, October 19, 2018 / Vendredi 19 octobre 2018, 8:00 - 9:30
Junior D
Chair: W.Ben Mortenson, University of British Columbia; Discussant, William Miller, University of British Columbia
S1 Predictors of psychological distress and confidence negotiating physical and social environments among mobility device users
W. Ben Mortenson*1,4, Francois Routhier2, Atiya Mahmood6, Mike Prescott1,5, Delphine Labbé1,4, Emily Lacroix2, Stephanie Gamache2, William Miller1,4, Kathleen Martin Ginis3,5
1University of British Columbia, Canada, 2Laval University, Canada, 3University of British Columbia - Okanagan, Canada, 4Rehabilitation Research Program, Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute, Canada, 5International Collaboration on Repair Discoveries, Canada, 6Simon Fraser University, Canada
S2 The complex relationship between people with disabilities, the environment, and activity spaces
Mike Prescott*1, W. Ben Mortenson1, Emilie Lacroix2, François Routhier2
1University of British Columbia, Canada, 2Universite Laval, Canada
S3 Objective evaluation of environmental obstacles for mobility device users in Québec City
Stéphanie Gamache1,2, François Routhier*1,2, Émilie Lacroix2, Ben Mortensen3
1Université Laval, Canada, 2CIRRIS, Canada, 3University of British Columbia, Canada
S4 Mobility and Participation of older mobility device users: The role of the socio-spatial environment captured through photovoice
Delphine Labbé*1,5, Émilie Lacroix3,4, Atiya Mahmood2, François Routhier3,4, W.Ben Mortenson1,5
1University of British Columbia, Canada, 2Simon Fraser University, Canada, 3Université Laval, Canada, 4CIRRIS, Canada, 5ICORD, Canada