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Housing and Neighbourhood Experience among Diverse and Vulnerable Older Adults / Logement et expérience de voisinage entre personnes âgées diverses et vulnérables
Saturday, October 20, 2018 / Samedi 20 octobre 2018, 11:00 - 12:30
Junior C
Chair: Atiya Mahmood, Simon Fraser University; Discussant, Paula Negron, Université de Montréal
S87 Intersectional Experiences of Forced Relocation: A Life-course Exploration of Older Migrants' Place Histories
Mei Lan Fang*1,2, Ryan Woolrych1,2, Judith sixsmith3
1Heriot-Watt University, UK, 2Simon Fraser University, Canada, 3University of Dundee, UK
S88 Finding home after homelessness in permanent supportive housing: Spaces of Inclusion or Exclusion?
Victoria Burns*1, Julie Deslandes Leduc2, Jean Gagné3, Christine Walsh1, Nathalie St-Denis1
1University of Calgary, Canada, 2Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada, 3Université TÉLUQ, Canada
S89 Aging in place in the cultural and ethnic diversity of neighborhoods: an exploration of development issues seen by their inhabitants
Sébastien Lord, Paula Negron*
Université de Montréal, Canada
S90 Community access of mobility scooter users: An exploration of the physical and social environment
Lorraine Kleinschroth*1, Atiya Mahmood1, Ben Mortenson2, Kathleen Martin Ginis2
1Simon Fraser University, Canada, 2University of British Columbia, Canada