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Health Sciences / Sciences de la santé
Friday, October 19, 2018 / Vendredi 19 octobre 2018, 8:00 - 9:30
Pavilion Ballroom ABC
P18 Exploring the motivations and experiences of middle and older aged adult rock climbers: a SSHRC grant funding proposal
Michelle LeBlanc
Simon Fraser University, Canada
P19 Through Their Eyes: Exploring older adults' experiences with an intergenerational project
Tia Rogers-Jarrell*1,2, Paula Gardner1
1Brock University, Canada, 2York University, Canada
P20 Assessing the whole person in screening tools for older adults living with frailty: A protocol for a scoping review
Jill Van Damme*, Paul Stolee
University of Waterloo, Canada
P21 Factors associated with hospice care use among long-term care facility residents: A population-based study
Beibei Xiong*, Shannon Freeman
University of Northern British Columbia, Canada
P22 Measuring the Quality of a Telegeriatric Telehealth Service
Georgia Betkus*1, Shannon Freeman1, Tim Wood1, Frank Flood2
1University of Northern British Columbia, Canada, 2Northern Health Authority, Canada
P23 The Neuroplasticity Paradox: Can Lack of Neuroplasticity Protect Older Adults From Motor Memory Interference?
Diogo Medeiros*, Carla Centeno, Jean-François Nepveu, Marc Roig
McGill, Canada
P24 Wandering Behaviour from the Perspectives of Older Adults Living with the Diagnosis of Mild-Moderate Dementia in Long-Term Care Homes
Adebusola Adekoya*, Lorna Guse
University of Manitoba, Canada
P25 A Framework for Evaluation of a Regional Behavioural Support Program
Kayla Brooks*, Jacobi Elliott, Paul Stolee
University of Waterloo, Canada